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❤️ SOLD ❤️ Brazen Prince 2016 16.1h TBGelding, RRP Eligible!

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

🐎 NEW Undersaddle Video with O/F 6/29/20🐎

🦄 NEW Undersaddle Video 6/25/20 🦄

To put it mildly... we LOVE this one!! In the few months we have spent with this stunning boy, he has definitely stolen our hearts. Prince is a 2016 16.1h TB gelding. He is simply stunning... conformationally correct and flashy as can be with his blaze and four socks! We had a basic PPE done when we purchased him from the track, which he passed without any issues... he is sound, clean legged and has good flexions. Prince is a very sweet, personable kind of guy who just wants to be in your pocket or nibbling on your clothing or hair. He is totally the ”be your best friend“ type of horse. Prince does well turned out alone or in a group... he looooves playing with other goofy, rambunctious geldings here!! He is quiet and easy to handle on the ground. He is not spooky or silly at all... he is great around dogs of all sizes (we have 11!!), as well as pigs, cows, camel, zebra, chickens, etc!!! He is inquisitive and bright... more of a thinker than a reactor. Overall, he is a joy to live with. Since coming to us, Prince has had his teeth done, feet done, chiropractic/acupuncture, treated for ulcers, and dewormed.

We have put a handful of rides on Prince and let’s just say, he does not disappoint!! He is quiet, sensible, and responsive to your aids. Our lovely boy is a total “tryer” and does his best to please. He is comfortable to ride... with a canter that is to die for. He goes around in a beautiful frame and has a nice, soft mouth. Prince is fabulous in the ring, as well as hacking out... be it through the woods or down the streets and neighborhood. He is even happy to be ridden bareback!! Prince has the brain and work ethics that people search high and low for. He would be suitable for an amateur or junior rider to bring along with the help of a trainer... but is quality enough for a pro.

Please note, Prince does have two very mild, easy to live with vices (which were not disclosed to us when we purchased him). We are happy to discuss these in detail with interested parties.

No trials, No trades, No payments.

PPE’s welcomed.

located in Glenmoore PA 19343. (610)733-4175

🦄 Undersaddle Video 🦄

❤️ New At Liberty Video ❤️

🐴 Tacking Up 🐴


🦄 At Liberty and Jump Chute Video 🦄

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