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❤️ SOLD ❤️ Posse On Broadway aka “Posse” 2014 15.3h Thoroughbred Gelding

Updated: Dec 23, 2019



Talk about WOW factor!!! Ow, ow, ow!!! Posse is one who will grab your attention and hold it!! This stunner is blessed with lovely conformation, the cutest face ever, and sooo much chrome!! Who doesn’t love four big, matching socks??? Posse will get you noticed in the best of company. Aside from his fabulous good looks, Posse has a puppy dog sweet personality. He is quiet and easy to work with, whether in his stall, turnout, xties, etc. And bonus points... he practically self loaded on our trailer when we picked him up! Posse retired sound from racing and with a right future ahead of him. His only vice is that he is a very mild cribber. He did not crib for the first two weeks he was with us, and once he started, it was very random and few and far between.... and it’s easily controlled with a collar. Let’s face it, he would have been too good to be true if he didn’t! Posse is a stunning mover. He will dazzle you with his big, sweeping trot... judges will love him!!! He has three lovely gaits and naturally clean, effortless lead changes. We unfortunately ran out of time to send him down the jump chute, but we will hopefully do so in the very near future!!

Posse has proven to be fabulous undersaddle and SUPER quiet!! He is beginner friendly, very sensible, and forgiving. You can ride him with contact or you can throw your reins away and ride on the buckle. He has a great canter! Very comfortable and easy! He willingly trotted and cantered Fences too!!

SECOND RIDE—— this boy is INCREDIBLE!! and man oh man, he can JUMP!!! new video coming soon!! Check out the new pics!


No trials, no trades, no payments, no deposits.

located in Glenmoore PA

PPE’s Welcomed.

Contact Candace at (610)733-4175 (text or call)

We are happy to assist buyers with setting up vettings and/or shipping across the US and Canada!

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