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❤️ PLACED ❤️ Last Confession- 2012 17.1+h - TB Gelding- AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION THROUGH NARPS $1500

Updated: May 26, 2021

Last Confession aka “Deeds” is a big, tall, lanky gelding who is ready to find a person of his own. With 70 races under his belt, this guy is definitely a warhorse. He retired sound, which speaks volumes about how tough he is! Deeds is a lot of horse, a bit high strung at moments, and does require a knowledgeable and experienced handler/rider. He retired off the track with no vices, but he does have some “quirks”. He has a phobia about going through stall doors or any narrow doorways/gates... likely because he has snagged his hips on them and scared himself. He has gotten about 90% better about this with us working with him on it. He currently leads in and out of his stall without any issue or fuss, and happily goes in and out of his stall to his dry lot as he wants. Soooo much better!! Deeds is a freakishly good mover... giant step, big sweeping strides, clearly a powerhouse.

Deeds came to us as potential resale horse but upon arrival, he was in rough physical and mental condition. We decided to hand him over to our sister program, Noah‘s Ark Rescue Project and Sanctuary, a 501c3 nonprofit rescue organization. He has spent the last few months enjoying some rest and relaxation, and getting all the care he needed. He is a lovely guy, a bit sensitive, but the type who like to bond and have his own person. He has tons of potential, but will require an experienced equestrian to bring him along.

DEEDS HAS NOT BEEN RESTARTED. It is unlikely that we will be able to restart him prior to him being adopted, due to our owner/rider’s recent back injury.

adoption fee: $1500

Located in Glenmoore Pa 19343

NARPS had Deeds vetted, along with X-rays of both front fetlocks and left knee. Deeds is conformationally over at the knees, although it does not bug him, does not limit his future riding abilities, and does not cause any lameness. It is purely conformational. He has been adjusted by our chiropractor, had acupuncture, was treated for ulcers, had his teeth done, panacur powerpak’d, and had his feet done (multiple times at this point).

Seriously interested parties will be required to complete an adoption application. Please reach out to us to discuss him if you think you could be Deed’s person!!


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