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G R’s Giant 2012 17.2h Thoroughbred Gelding

Updated: Jun 10

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We are confident to say.... horses like Bowie are few and far between. This horse is in a league of his own. You’d be hard pressed to find another Thoroughbred with the movement this guy has. HE IS INCREDIBLE!! This horse is the epitome of an upper level prospect.... be it dressage or eventing. Bowie came off the track in November 2017. He was retired due to a minor bow... we got him just two weeks after it happened and handled his rehab personally. Multiple ultrasounds were done over the course of several months, the bow healed even better than expected, and it is only noticeable if we point it out to you. He was cleared for any and all disciplines and levels of work. Bowie was sold in the summer of 2018 and he came back to us in October 2019 when his buyer’s situation unfortunately changed. We were thrilled to welcome this amazing boy back!!!

Bowie is an extremely talented horse who has the potential to succeed to the highest of levels. Like a lot of truly athletic, upper level prospects, Bowie is not a horse for the large majority of riders. He requires more of a professional ride, or a truly very experienced, soft, and sensitive amateur rider. Bowie is a bit on the hotter side, but is very sensitive. He is a powerhouse mover with a ton of suspension and impulsion. His giant trot is enough to shake loose the leg of even a half decent rider. Bowie is available to only the most capable of riders... with preference to pro riders who are experienced with his type of ride. Due to no fault of his own, Bowie has not been in a program since returning to us. He has only had a handful of rides put on him, including a few leisure hacks out and about the property.

Bowie is sound, vice free, and easy to live with. He is truly one in a million and he means the world to us. We will happily keep him if the right situation and rider does not come along. We are also open to a possible partnership with a professional who would be interested in campaigning this freakishly talented gelding.

**Bowie was very thoroughly vetted back in 2018, including some xrays.

Located in Glenmoore PA.

Available for possible lease, lease/purchase to the right situation.

Contact Candace at (610)733-4175

Located in Glenmoore PA 19343

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