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❤️ SOLD ❤️ Atlas - 2008 18+h Roan Belgian Gelding

Updated: Oct 14, 2020


Where are all our pleasure riders and drivers who are in need of a WOW WORTHY hunk?!

..... We would like to introduce our spectacular Belgian (possibly Brabant cross) gelding, Atlas. This 12yr old 18+h roan gelding is seriously something to behold! He is something out of a movie scene! Atlas has spent his life as a driving horse, but was purchased by us with hopes of finding time to teaching him to ride and ultimately keep him as a fun horse to rip around on trails on! Somewhat predictably... we have not found the time to do so and Atlas is ultimately unemployed. Atlas is quiet, easy to handle, and a very, very sweet and personable boy. He does fine in a stall or out in the field.... although he does like the ladies and the ladies like him! (Who wouldn’t?! He’s a hunk!)

Atlas is looking for a new home as a pleasure driving or riding horse. He had recent X-rays done of his stifles and there are some significant changes which will prevent him from having an overly strenuous job. We opted to get his stifles injected, which has done wonders for him. Our vet felt that he would be fine to go on and have a job... ideally something low key. Atlas is on no other maintenance. He likely will require injections in the future or could possibly do well with just oral maintenance. He would be a great hubby horse. He is broke mainly for driving, but he is not opposed to riding, he just doesn’t know much about leg aids. He would be very easy to finish converting to a riding horse. He would be fine for leisure trail riding... mostly walking with some trotting. He would be a fabulous therapeutic riding horse. He can do pleasure driving, but short distances and ideally not a lot of hills. He would be stunning as a carriage horse for events like weddings or funerals. Pony rides for the grandkids... this guy would do that all day long!

Atlas currently has front shoes on. He is good for the farrier and does not require stocks. He loads easily for trailering, stands quietly in xties, is good for baths, etc. He lunges quietly both directions.

This boy is sincerely one of the most stunning horses we have ever laid eyes on. He is mythical. We will be very picky as to where he ends up... his long term wellbeing, safety, and happiness is of the utmost importance to us!! 🦄

No trials. No trades. No payments. No leases.

Located in Glenmoore PA 19343.

Contact Candace at (610)733-4175.

PPE’s always welcomed. We are happy to share our vet reports and X-rays with SERIOUSLY interested buyers.

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