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Sales Policies

1.  Our horses are sold on a strict, first come, first serve basis.  We do not hold horses on behalf of potential buyers.  Unfortunately, we have been burned in the past in doing so.  

2.  We do NOT accept deposits to hold any of our horses.  

3.  We do NOT allow our horses to go out on trials of any sort, for any amount of time.  Potential buyers are welcome to come to our facility to look at and try the horse (if it’s been ridden by us prior and we deem it ok.) as many times as necessary prior to buying or passing. 

4.  We do not accept payments and we do not offer any sort of payment plans.  

5.  Buyers are welcomed and encouraged to have a veterinarian perform a pre-purchase vetting prior to purchasing a horse from us.  We are happy to assist buyers with this process.  We are very familiar with doing so.  We have a list of local veterinarians who do a fabulous, very thorough PPE.
 6.  Buyers who have a PPE performed have 48hrs from the time of vetting to finalize the sale, including Bill of Sale and payment received in full.  Should the sale not be finalized at 48hrs, we have the right to proceed with offering and selling the horse to a different party. 
 7.  All horses are sold AS IS, which is stated clearly in our Bill of Sale.
 8.  We are happy to assist buyers with arranging transport.  We have sold horses all over the USA and have many reputable shippers whom we work with regularly.  
9.  Buyers have 5 days post purchase to pick up their new horse.  After the 5th day, a flat rate of $20/day will be charged. Any additional charges incurred by horse will also be billed to buyer. 

Our Sales Policies: FAQ
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